Basic Rules Created and Played by the Tappan Zee Flag Football League


The Tappan Zee Flag Football League consists of 3 Divisions: “A”/”B”/”C”. New teams enter the “C” Division and advance up to the “B/A” Divisions by winning 6 or more regular season games. For teams with losing records, the opposite holds true.

If you win 3 or less games, you are a candidate to be moved down a division. This keeps the level of play at a constant, shifting even level of parity. “Mini” leagues print our copyrighted rules illegally, but with ’18 teams can they really have parity? You can never play on two teams in the same season regardless of division. In order to be eligible for the play-offs you must have signed yourself in 4 games during the season. There is no “signing other players in”. If you are hurt, and still want to be eligible you must go to the game and sign yourself in. your coach cannot sign you in.


8-on-8 per side on the field, a 40X80 yard field, open-hand blocking, no fumbles, first downs at the 20/40/20 yard markers, kickoffs receive/kick at opposing 20/40 yard lines, no ball stripping/on-sides kicks/flag shielding, charging, or diving with the ball. Full Rush at the snap.


8-on-8 per side on the field, a 40X80 yard field, first downs at the 20/40/20 yard markers, kick from 20 yardline, and receive from the 40 yard line. “2 Mississippi” is counted by the referee before the defense can rush.


Same rules as the “B” Division except that the Defense cannot rush until a “3 Mississippi” count by the Line Referee has been completed.


10 player roster with 5 players on the field at once. The Field is 30X60 with set first downs at the 15, 30, and 15. The offense has 3 plays to reach a 1st down or the other team takes over the ball at there own 15.

The QB has 6 seconds to get the ball over the line of scrimmage or its a dead ball. All players are eligible to catch the ball including the center. On Defense there is a rusher who lines up 5 yards off the ball and has a free rush at the QB.

There is NO contact in 5-man.

Complete rules are given out to all that register. The rules of the Tappan Zee Flag Football League were copyrighted in ©1996 and are the property of TZFFL, Inc. Any copy or transmission of these rules without the permission of TZFFL, Inc. is prohibited.